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The most perfect Persian kittens

We specialize in beautiful and amazing tabby Persian kittens and bicolor Persian kittens! Our cats are genetically health tested and cleared CFA registered Persian cats.

About Us

Hello, my name is Kimberly. I was born and raised in Central California. My love for cats began at a very young age. When I was 4 years old, I remember getting my very first rescue kitten, Bandit. He was a black and white long haired boy. For some reason I was always drawn to long haired cats. My favorite color was a white, blue eyed cat. As a child, my dream was to one day own a Persian. Fast forward to 2019, my dream finally came true! For Christmas I bought my first brown tabby and white Persian kitten. We named him Mogwai, after the Gremlin’s movie. At first I thought I only wanted a pet, but I absolutely fell in love with his demeanor, character, and undeniable beauty. Today, he lives in our home as an adult neutered male. I began doing a lot of research on Persians and loved looking at the CFA show cat’s photos. I was absolutely mesmerized by them! After months of contemplating, I decided I wanted to start my own cattery. Puro Amor was created to preserve the Persian cat and uphold to the CFA standard of the breed. However, my number one focus is and always will be for the health and wellness of my cats and kittens. I have also began a new journey in the CFA, which is showing my precious cats. I have met many wonderful breeders and friends since I began my cattery.

To say the least, breeding is not easy, but it is tremendously rewarding. I hope to continue breeding & showing for many years to come.
All of my cats are my furbabies and are treated with lots of love and care. My Kings and Queens are also all genetically tested and cleared before breeding. If you decide to take a Persian kitten home from us, please know you will go home with a wonderful, loving, & healthy kitten that is litter box trained, vaccinated, used to baths, and veterinarian checked & vet cleared.

We do not know and we are not affiliated with “,” “Puro Amor Cattery,” “Yulia Gonzalez,” or any of their aliases. We are Puro Amor Persian Cattery, a home based Persian breeder located in central California. We are not a broker or importer of Persian cats.  Our cats are born, raised, and spoiled in our home. Questions or concerns? Contact us here or on our social media. Thank you!

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  1. Tina ingram

    I’m interest in the white Persian in the middle

  2. Kathy strube

    Love the tabby bi color with copper eyes. Willing to be placed on a lust

  3. Theresa budesa

    How much is the white kitty on the left?

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