In our experience and opinion each kitten has a unique personality. Our kittens possess sweet, playful, affectionate, and caring personalities. The choice between male and female is be based on your personal preference.
The truth is both males and females can spray. This is best avoided by giving each kitten its own personal space & spaying or neutering all household pets. If you have more than 1 cat, I would suggest using more than 1 litter box. Before rehoming your kitten will be spayed or neutered unless it is sold with breeding rights.
Persians are good with children and other pets, they have a quiet or soft voice & are affectionate, easygoing and sweet. Persians are laid back great family companions.
Persians do require daily grooming & eye care. Bathing should be done at a minimum of every 6 weeks to prevent matting. Some owners choose to take their cats to a groomer that is able to bathe and trim areas of the coat that are more prone to matting.
NFS on a kitten means the kitten is currently not for sale.
Yes, we work with 2 courier services, which is at the expense of the buyer. Cargo service is not offered due to the health and safety of our kittens. We also offer transportation within California for an additional fee.